Our Coordinator will not be available every day.

The 2021 rule of thumb: if the flag is flying, the Coordinator is in.

New CoWorkers – please make an appointment for walkthroughs and signing up.

Visitors – please call ahead to make sure the Coordinator is on site.

Regulars – it’s business as usual.

Everyone – please be sure to sign in as well as scan the QR code.

Thanks a bundle!

An office when you need it, and no worries when you don't.

The CoWork Space is a flexible and affordable place to work from.  For the day, a week, or as long as you require or desire.

Located on Cumberland Street, it is one block from Vincent Street and Cessnock’s CBD.  You will find our door by looking for our flag, or use the brightly painted Masonic Hall across the street as your landmark.  There is free all day parking to our door plus a free all day council carpark within 30 metres.

The space is tailored for freelancers, small teams and not-for-profits looking for a landing pad, a satellite office, or workplace to make their own.

The CoWork Space Cessnock, Home, The CoWork Space

A positive outlook and a passion for what you do?

This is the place for you.

It’s a shared workplace and a fully functional office set up and ready for you.

Choose your desk, brew a delicious coffee or tea, and start your workday. It’s that easy.

And don’t forget the CoWork Perks which are specific to each coworking space.

My favourite here is being able change where I’m working throughout the day.  Sit at my desk, stand at the long bench, or sprawl in one of the couches.

“Coworking happens when independent people like freelancers, remote workers and entrepreneurs decide to get together in a shared office space to collaborate and work.”

– Angel Kwiatkowski & Beth Buczynski

Productivity is Catching!

Who is coworking for?

Coworking is for anyone who works from a laptop.

Freelancers and consultants.  Start ups and entrepreneurs.  Micro and small businesses.  Not-for-profits and community groups.  Commuters and digital nomads.

Want to start a business without taking on a lease?  Many coworking spaces have private offices available.

Working from home getting you down? Recharge your batteries by spending a day in the productive energy of a shared workspace.

Tired of a long commute?  COVID restrictions have proven we can work from home.  Now is the time to set up a satellite office.

Did I mention The CoWork Space is just minutes from the vineyards?  Travellers can start the weekend early and skip the Friday traffic.  Finding a temporary workspace near your holiday destination is easier than ever with more regional coworking spaces across Australia!

The CoWork Space Cessnock, Home, The CoWork Space
The CoWork Space Cessnock, Home, The CoWork Space

Why use a coworking space?

Like many solopreneurs and freelancers, I was working out of cafes, at home or from the local library. But I’m a sucker for people watching, so my workflow could be sketchy.

Having my own desk and being surrounded by the productivity of other people who are there to get work done just made sense.  Productivity is catching, you know.

Now we also have to consider COVID-19 restrictions and our own health and safety, as well as those around us.

By offering flexible and affordable office workplaces set up and ready to use, coworking spaces and business hubs support individuals, businesses and services who might otherwise be reliant on public spaces to work from and meet clients.

Coworking spaces are a terrific shared resource.  Locals have a place to get things done, start ups can build steady foundations, mentoring programs have a business place to use, and non-local service providers and consultants have somewhere to meet clients.

Our CoWorkers will tell you....

Sharing is Caring!

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