Bringing coworking to town

As a freelancer, I was looking for a comfortable shared space to work from.

Coworking hadn’t come to Cessnock, so I started The CoWork Space in 2019.  I operate it as a social enterprise.  It is here as a resource for the town and set up for individuals, small business and not-for-profits looking for a casual landing pad or a local office to call their own.

To me, it feels like a haven.  With your first step through our doors, you’ll feel welcome and relaxed.  Almost like working from home, but without the distractions.

The lovely people who share this space support the ethos of keeping it positive, using solution-based thinking, and getting it done.  Having worked in a wide variety of offices, I know how a positive workplace benefits everyone.  That’s why our policy is to leave the “blah” and “grr” outside.

We’re also big on recycling. Think of The CoWork Space as a mini-business hub set up by your socially conscious aunt.  A lovely space where you can relax and enjoy your workdays… sustainably 😉

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Coworking: a shared workspace with cafe culture.

In a nutshell...

We’re a shared workspace with a range of desks, office space, standing benches and chill out nooks.

Our licence agreements set out the ground rules and our rates include use of the space, utilities, facilities so you always know your overheads.

The door is open for freelancers, consultants and digital nomads.  For programs and services without local offices to use as a landing pad.  For new business to grow, explore and build strong foundations.  And for home businesses to have an alternative workplace.

There is the opportunity to meet others coworking, and you’re welcome to add your business information to our site to boost your SEO.

Most importantly, it’s a lovely space to work in.  The vibe is relaxed and productive.  We have an amazing array of tea and coffee options.  And you can bring in your favourite smoothie ingredients and make use of the blender!

You’ve got to like where you work, yes?!

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