Coworking space community norms, Community Norms, The CoWork Space

It’s a small space with a maximum of 12 CoWorkers at a time, so our guide for coworking behaviour is straight forward.

Keep it positive and solution based.

It’s great to chat and share our stories.  It’s even better when those stories are uplifting, inspiring or empowering.

Be mindful of mess by tidying as you go.

We don’t mind if you eat at your desk.  Remember to put all food/drink rubbish in the kitchen bins.

Support your fellow CoWorkers’ productivity.

Productivity is catching!  Especially when your CoWorkers are “in the zone”.  Thanks for not interrupting their workflow.

Use your indoor voice and polite language.

We’re a shared workplace.  Noise is expected.  Thanks for using calm tone and language, and for not using speaker phone.

Tell us when you notice:

  • supplies are running low
  • equipment not working
  • leaks, messes or odd smells