How do I find the CoWork Space?

We are located in the building on the corner of Edward and Cumberland Streets.  Our entry door is via Cumberland Street and is marked with a flag.

Is the office space wheelchair friendly?

We are wheelchair friendly.  Ground floor access, furniture arranged with room to move, and a disabled bathroom.

Parking / Transport

Are you close to public transport?

We are!  Just around the corner is Cessnock CBD and two main bus stops in Vincent Street.

What parking is available?

There is a variety of all day and two hour street parking at our door.  There are also two free all day council carparks within 50m and 100m.


Can I book the same desk on a regular basis?

Absolutely!  You can even designate your preferred chair.

Do I need to book in advance?

Not at the moment.  We are a new business and have hot desks and workspaces available each day.

Equipment / Resources

Do you have office phones that I can make and receive calls from?

No, but we do have data ports for VOIP handsets.

What office equipment is available?

We offer a fully function office environment.

We have Canon photocopier/printer/scanner, binding machine, guillotine, laminator, whiteboards, one basic computer desk, several monitors and loads of spare keyboard/mouse combos.

We also offer a range of stationery to use, plus items you may purchase as needed.

What kitchen facilities are available?

Our kitchen has the usual fridge, kettle, toaster, and microwave.  Plus we have a range of coffee making and tea brewing options.

We also have filtered rain water and designated spots to stash your snacks.

Do you have internet I can use?

Yes, we have WiFi available for all CoWorkers

Do I need to supply my own computer?

Yes.  We have one computer desk with a basic operating system.

Payment / Cancellation

What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellation for a casual booking is 24 hours notice.

Licence agreements (for permanent/regular use) require seven day’s notice.

What if I can’t attend my booking?

We understand plans can change at the last minute.

If there is more than one of us, do we need to pay for each person?

It depends what workspace you choose.

Hot desks are per person per day, but if there is two or more of you working together, you might choose:

  • an office space (1-2 people);
  • a team space (up to 4 people); or
  • our meeting room (up to 6 people).

How do I make payment?

We accept bank transfer, cash, and card payments (Square 1.9% fee)

Community Norms

What if I am talking on the phone a lot?

No troubles at all.  We just ask you to respect your fellow CoWorkers by keeping your volume down and not use speaker.

Didn’t Find the Answer?

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