Do I need to book in advance?

Yes, please.  This ensures there is a desk with your name on it (metaphorically).

Can I book the same desk on a regular basis?

Yes, you can!  We even encourage it.

You are also welcome to pick your preferred chair.

What if I can’t attend my booking?

We understand plans can change at the last minute.  Especially during a pandemic!

This space is here to support, so we will work with you whenever possible.

If you have prepaid, you can reschedule your booking or arrange an alternative with our coordinator.

Please try to give at least a day’s notice.

Payment / Cancellation

What is your cancellation policy?

Plans can change last minute.  By keeping good lines of communication, we can work with you whenever a late change happens.

Cancellation for casual bookings requires 24 hours notice.

If you have prepaid, you can reschedule your booking or arrange an alternative with our coordinator.

Licence agreements require seven day’s notice.

When courtesy and respect are shown, we’re happy to waive cancellation fees.  It’s a pandemic and we’re here to support our community.


If there is more than one of us, do we need to pay for each person?

It depends on your choice of workspace.

Coworking desks are per person.  If you’re coworking with a team of two or more, you might consider:

  • an office space (1-2 people);
  • a team space (up to 4 people); or
  • our meeting room (up to 3 people).

Contact our coordinator to find the best fit for your group.

How do I make payment?

Prepayment.  If you would like to pay in advance, an invoice will be issued including our bank details for funds transfer.

On the day.  You are also welcome to pay on the day.  We accept bank transfer, cash, and card payments.  Card payments will attract a 1.9% fee.

Weekly invoice.  Our regular CoWorkers are welcome to take us up on a weekly invoice.


How do I find The CoWork Space?

Our building is located at 5 Edward Street, Cessnock.

Walk around the corner to Cumberland Street and you will find our door.

If you like to use landmarks, look for the Freemason’s Hall on Cumberland Street.  We’re across the road.

Sometimes we’re here early, too.  If “The CoWork Space is open” flag is out, you are welcome to come on in!

Parking / Transport

Are you close to public transport?

We are!  Just around the corner is Cessnock CBD and two main bus stops in Vincent Street.

What parking is available?

There is a variety of all day and two hour street parking at our door.  There are also two free all day council carparks within 50m and 100m.

Equipment / Resources

Do I need to bring my own computer?

Yes.  Definitely.

Please bring your laptop and docking station or cables if you’d like to use one of the spare monitors.

We also have keyboard and mouse combos to use with our adjustable laptop stands.

Do you have internet I can use?

We do!  We have WiFi available for all CoWorkers and guests using the meeting room.

Do you have office phones that I can make and receive calls from?

No, but we do have data ports for VOIP handsets.

What office equipment is available?

The CoWork Space is a fully functional office.  There are several sizes of desk, as well as standing bench space, to choose from.  All office chairs are ergonomic, which means you can adjust height, back and angle of seat.

You’ll find a Canon photocopier for any printing and scanning needs.  A binding machine, guillotine and laminator.  There’s also a shredder for any secure paper recycling.

Do you like to extend your laptop screen?  We have several spare monitors**, adjustable laptop stands and spare keyboard and mouse combos.

To get your ideas onto a larger surface, there are plenty of whiteboards and pinboards.

We also offer basic stationery to use, plus specific items you may purchase at cost as needed.


** Please bring cables if your laptop or tablet doesn’t speak HDMI.

What kitchen facilities are available?

Our kitchen has a fridge, kettle, toaster, sandwich press and microwave. A variety of cups, mugs, glasses.

Plus we have a range of coffee making and tea brewing options, and a blender for the health conscious.  Nothing wrong with a green smoothie.

We also have filtered rain water and designated spots to stash your snacks.


What hours are you open?

Our regular hours are Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 5:00pm.

With notice, we can open earlier or later, and even on a weekend.

What happens if I don’t like the desk I’ve chosen to work from?

We welcome you to find the desk or workspace that suits your work style.

If the desk you first sit at doesn’t suit you, try another **.  Don’t like the chair?  Feel free to test drive them until you find the one so comfortable that you don’t even notice you’re sitting on it.

The important thing is to love where you work.  This includes your specific workspace configuration.

As we build our CoWorking Community this might be more difficult to accommodate, but we’ll always do our best.


** To keep our CoWorkers safe, let us know when you change desks and equipment so we can wipe them down.  A healthy team is a happy team ;D

What if I am talking on the phone a lot?

Our policy is to respect your fellow CoWorkers by keeping your volume down, not take calls on speaker, and never use offensive language.

If you know you’re a loud speaker and aren’t great at self-regulating, The CoWork Space is not the best fit.  Especially if you spend much of your day on calls.

But we’re always keeping an ear out for other hubs, shared offices and spaces popping up locally and regionally.  Even if we aren’t right for you, we may be able to direct you to the perfect spot.

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