Pep Talk
You can do this, Pep talk #1: You can do this, The CoWork Space

*** This is a pep talk.  Do not read further if you find words of encouragement unsettling.  You have been warned 😀  ***

You can do this.

You are not alone and adrift, even when it feels that way.

For new business owners, some days are tougher than others to stay on track. Heck, for any business owner!

You can feel overwhelmed by all the hats you have to wear for running a small business, and this can lead to forgetting the excitement that got you started.

Add COVID-19 lockdown to the mix and you may have reached breaking point.

For five minutes today, take yourself back to a moment when you were excited by your business idea. Remember when you couldn’t wait to get started and what it felt like to imagine your business up and running?  Or better yet, what you imagined it felt like doing well?

What was it that inspired you?  What did you want to share?  How was your business going to contribute on a local, state or national scale?

Find that feeling.  The excitement of getting started.  Realising you were making this happen.  Knowing you were on the right track.

Now get creative.  Get innovative.  Reach out for advice or direction.  Now is really a great time to take stock because we’re all weathering this storm together.  In different boats, for sure… But same storm.

You can do this, Pep talk #1: You can do this, The CoWork Space
You can do this, Pep talk #1: You can do this, The CoWork Space

There is support out there for small business and new business when you know where to look.

  • Start by talking to a business adviser or contact your local council to find out what services they offer.  Ask your local business centre about free or subsidised advisory sessions.
  • Consider joining a local networking group or chamber of commerce.  Most offer a “first time free” so you can try a few to find the best suited to your style, your budget and your available time.  The CoWork Space is a member of two groups which suit our more relaxed approach to networking: The Business Blender and The Boutique Collective.
  • There’s also online networking.  Find the sites with newsletters and subscribe.  Again, be discerning.  If you don’t vibe with it, it is not going to benefit you.  For micropreneurs and sole traders, explore sites like Flying Solo.  Check out industry specific sites which inspire you.  Look to social media pages, too.

You are not alone, even when you feel off balance and isolated.

You just need a moment to disconnect…

….and then reconnect with a clearer, calmer mindset.

You can do this!