CoWork Perks!!

One of our Team Spaces features a wall of books to share

The Green Zone!

This area is designated Team Space, set up for four and easily extended to 6-8 people (or as many as you can fit around the table on our little blue stools).

Casual meetings, professional development, brainstorming, team building and catch up sessions.

With two whiteboards and a projector, you’ve the freedom and space to really nut into those business plans and projects.

Mere steps from where to coffee lives, our Team Space is a great spot to gather your crew, hold micro workshops, and hash out the week (or month) ahead.

We love playing with the configuration of The CoWork Space.

Our casual team space has recently moved into another nook, still featuring couches, coffee table, and now with two pinboard walls and a whiteboard for teams to use for large or complex planning sessions.