I have been working out of the CoWork Space in Cessnock for a few months now. It is terrific. I found it really boring and unstimulating working from home 5 days a week. I am really glad I found the space. Made connections. It is well coordinated and set out for easy working.

Louise Guy

This is exactly what we have needed!  We love being able to meet clients in an office space rather than having the distractions that a cafe brings.  Having access to the technology & other facilities, makes our meetings run so much smoother.  On days that I need a professional setting or a change of scenery, I just choose a desk & get into it.  Thank you Mel!

This is an awesome space that you have created, Melanie!

Helen Oswald

We have hotdesked here a couple of times and we love seeing this space improve more and more. Thoughtful, comfortable and great coffee!

Great people & what a great space to work in.
Support local businesses ??

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